SMX: Community Manager Master Class

Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka’s book, The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide, was only the tip of the information packed iceberg I consumed this week at SMX West in San Jose.  My Thursday was spent attending the Community Management Master Class lead by none other than the authors themselves. As the day progressed, the wine was poured, the donuts were eaten and the 12 of us attending the workshop soaked up every social media gem they had to share.  photo

The workshop was a deep, structured dive into the book and open conversation about online community management.

The high level key points that the workshop touched upon:

  • The responsibilities and skills necessary for a community manager
  • The two types of marketing – search and contextual
  • Brand representation and brand voice
  • Social impact on SEO
  • Communicating with the community – welcoming vs. outreach
  • Defining social media KPI’s and therefore establishing ROI
  • Content marketing and sharing through content strategies
  • Crisis management

High Level Takeaways from Each Key Point:

1. Community managers should be well versed in PR, SEO, PPC, Analytics and Content Marketing – all of which are components of the community manager team at Volume Nine.

2. We will be using both types of marketing: search and contextual, to make up the content calendar strategies each month. Each client’s will vary, depending on ad spend and brand goals.

3. We will make sure we have a brand voice established and formulated for posting on behalf of the business. Like it says in the book, “the social media community manager is there to mingle, meet prospective clients, catch up with familiar ones, chat with likeminded professionals, and above all, represent your company with grace and enthusiasm.”

4. Social Media’s impact on SEO has become HUGE and was a vital part of this SMX conference. The focus? Google+. Google+ cannot be ignored – and has to become a main part of social media strategies for the sole purpose of search engine rankings.

5. Online word of mouth is almost priceless at this point. In order to build the community, you must start with your brand advocates on your page. Connect and establish relationships with these users and highlight their engagement!

6. Setting and defining certain KPI’s for your brand will help establish and measure ROI. These KPI’s can come in for the form of SEO prominence, participation, engagement, leadership content, community numbers and brand integration.

7. Creating a content strategy for all social media channels is important for your overall content marketing strategy. There are 6 skills that need to be applied in order to dominate a content strategy – and those will be shared in an upcoming blog post.

8. Having a crisis management protocol is necessary for dealing with small and huge issues on social media. This will require input from the community manager and the PR team at your company – but setting up a code of conduct is half the battle.

Check back soon for the first blog post that takes a deeper dive into the necessary skill set of a community manager.

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