Team Excited for Colorado Bike To Work Day 2013

Team Excited for Colorado Bike To Work Day 2013

biketoworkday poster photoNext Wednesday, June 26, is Colorado Bike to Work Day and the team here at Volume Nine is excited to participate in the festivities. As of today, twelve people have signed up to bike in to work, and everyone is getting excited to get in some exercise and fresh air instead of sitting in traffic.

Two of our riders are going to be biking over 20 miles each way! This means that just the two of them will be reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 100 lbs in just one day of commuting. Figuring out the math for the entire 12 team members is a little above my mental capacity today, however.

DRCOG (the Denver Regional Council of Governments) puts on Bike to Work Day in Colorado and makes the event a lot of fun. There will be breakfast stations, after work celebrations, giveaways and prizes for the people who participate. There are also prizes available to companies for their level of participation in the event. Right now we are in 7th place in our division, right behind one of our own clients, EffectiveUI! We have also donated some prizes to the event; some lucky winners will get gift cards to the Breckenridge Brewery restaurants located throughout the state.

All in all, there is a lot of buzz about Bike to Work Day here in the office. Check back next week for a recap and pictures of everyone cranking it up!

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