Volume Nine Workplace Culture

Volume Nine Workplace Culture

We are passionate individuals committed to a workplace culture that Empowers, Engages, and Energizes its most valuable asset!

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Here’s what our newest team members are saying about the Volume Nine workplace culture:

  • What do you love about working at Volume Nine so far?
  • Have there been any surprises?

 ”I love the team mentality and organization at Volume Nine. With so many moving parts, it’s important to stay organized and work together. It’s great to have my ideas heard and valued.”                                                                           ~ Anne Preble, Client Services

“The people here are very friendly and helpful. I also love working with clients in such a wide variety of industries. I’m surprised at how organized the internal processes are. It makes it easier to keep on top of all of my day-to-day tasks.”

~ Lauren MacLeod, Client Services

“The team here is such a tight-knit group that was very welcoming when I started! I have never worked with a group of people who were so friendly from day one! I was very impressed at how knowledgeable everyone here is about their individual specialties! Everyone here is an expert in their field and is eager to share what they know!”

~ Ken Tandy, Social Media

“I have had other internships in the past, some better than others. However, I have never entered a workplace and felt so quickly accepted. The team at Volume Nine is passionate about what they do, and seem excited to have the opportunity to share their knowledge with a novice such as myself. It has made dipping my toes into the world of online marketing painless and even enjoyable.”

~ Mattson Smith, Client Services Intern


with a team that is

Empowered, Engaged, and Energized!


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