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Your audience is listening… Are you saying anything worth listening to?

The secret is out – if you want to drive organic success, you have to produce unique, interesting and relevant content.

Each Content Marketing Program we consult on is designed to:

  • Reach and resonate with a larger audience – even those who are ‘just browsing’.
  • Encourage audience engagement that gets shared, linked to and talked about.
  • Enhance SEO results with increased visibility and drive traffic and conversions.
  • Demonstrate best practices for ultimate success and optimization.
  • Work as the voice for your brand, keeping the conversation flowing and at the forefront of a prospective customer’s mind.

Not only does content need to be strategic and engaging, it also needs to resonate with individual readers.  This can be a tricky process to nail without the right steps in place.  At Volume Nine, our content marketing experts have fine-tuned our approach to help our clients achieve success in maximum visibility and engagement through their content creation.

Our content marketing specialist works with your goals and target audiences to first detail specific personas through the keywords they are using to search.  From there we use the discovered keywords to help identify themes and create topics that will reach each persona individually to better the chances for engagement, traffic, visibility and conversions.

Our four step process was designed to take a ho- hum or even non-existent content marketing plan and Crank It Up to the next level.

Step #1 – Persona and Keyword Identification

The success of your content largely depends on how it resonates with your audience.  It only makes sense that to resonate with a particular part of an audience, the content needs to speak directly to them.  Everyone takes in information differently and is attracted to different types of content and messaging.  Our content marketing strategy uses information from your target audience to help identify some specific representatives within that, called personas, as well as identify the keywords they are using to search.

Step #2 – Strategy and Production Management

Your content marketing specialist will help develop a strategy based on your goals and current efforts.  We make recommendations that are clear cut and designed to help meet the needs of your site by continually providing our insights and best practices for success.  Our content marketing team partners with you to develop a plan for frequency of posting and the vehicles with which to promote the published pieces.

Step #3 – Writer Recruiting

We know how important it is to have writers who understand your product or service, your audience, goals and how to communicate your brand effectively.  Our content marketing agency researches, recruits and manages writers who can provide proven experience and knowledge specific to your industry.

Step #4 – Editing and Publishing

The message your content sends is of the utmost importance.  Our content marketing service focuses on taking a hands-on approach to making sure your brand is being communicated effectively while adhering to content guidelines.  We edit, proofread, check the facts and take pride in putting our stamp of approval on all content we publish to your site.

Are you ready to get more traffic to your site and generate more buzz about your brand? Our content marketing services can help launch your content to the next level!

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