The Processes and Results of a Successful SEO Site Audit

The Processes and Results of a Successful SEO Site Audit

Here at Volume Nine, one of the first things we do on most sites is the SEO site audit. The SEO audit can have tremendous value in terms of documenting the current state of SEO, outlining a strategy for improving SEO and providing initial results.  We hope this blog helps give more insight into what you can expect from the audit process and some of the anticipated results.

Why is an SEO Site Audit Important?

Before any SEO work can begin on a website, it is important to first understand where the site currently stands with regard to SEO and organic search marketing. It is no good making a slew of site changes or updates without first understanding the strategy and plan behind these decisions. The site audit is a great way to understand the current status of the site, illustrate weaknesses and opportunities, and outline the road-map for upcoming work and tasks which will help drive SEO success.

What Work Can I Expect From The Audit?

There are dozens of different tasks and processes in a typical SEO site audit. While no two audits are the same, we typically follow the same basic steps over the 45-60 day period:

  • Orientation and Kick-Off: This is our chance to learn as much about your site, goals, and unique business model as possible. Our SEO approach is all about understanding the strategy and background. This step is our way of ensuring we start off on the right foot!
  • Site Analysis & SEO Methodology: During this phase, we will introduce your team to our methods and how we “think” about SEO. We take the time to train you on SEO best practices, discuss the content of the site and targeted Keywords, and also analyze your top search competitors. We will also train your team on our SEO reporting tool, the Eduki Dashboard.
  • Recommendations: Now it’s time to pull all of the analysis and strategy together. Our team of SEO experts will generate a list of 25 recommendations based on SEO best practices. This will include recommendations on all areas of the site including a technical analysis, on-site content reviews, a link building plan, and an analysis of the competitive landscape.
  • SEO Road Map: Of course, recommendations are no good without a plan in place to implement them. We design the SEO audit & recommendations to lead right into a set of tangible and actionable items to help improve the site.


Typically we see some great results coming right out of the audit. SEO absolutely takes time, but clients almost always see a big bump in rankings once things like recommended page titles and content edits are implemented.


Once the link building efforts and even MORE optimized content is added to the site, the SEO success only continues to grow. In fact, our average client sees a YoY growth of 40% in organic search traffic.

Traffic growth starts with Rankings improvements. Here’s a snapshot of a client who went through our audit process and then engaged in our SEO program for 6 months. They saw 68 new #1 rankings and 144 new Top 10 rankings. Not too shabby!