Is your Website SEO-Friendly? Quick Litmus Test for your Site…

For many businesses, one of the major factors in deciding whether to undergo a website design project or not come down to whether you existing site is SEO-Friendly.

In other words, is it relatively easy for my website to rank as-is?

So, to help aid you in your decision, here’s a quick list of indicators that your site may not be SEO friendly…

  1. Most of your website is in Flash.
  2. Your website is built in an I-Frame. (In other words, when you click to a specific page, such as “about us,” the url doesn’t change from to – it just stays “”)
  3. Your website takes a really long time to pull up. Here’s a quick tool that gives you as score relative to other websites: .
  4. Your urls don’t make sense to non-robots, e.g.*?5790.asp.
  5. Your navigation buttons are images – not text.
  6. Your developer hand-coded your website (so there is no way to log in and easily add content & pages to your website).
  7. You’ve got a lot of duplicate content (duplicate title tags, pages, meta descriptions). Tools like will give you a quick indicator of this.

If you have any of these issues, does that mean you’ll never rank? Not Necessarily! But, these are good indicators of larger underlying technical problems.

Worried your site does not pass the SEO-friendly test? Give us a call at 303-955-5228 and a member of our business development team will take a look at your website with you!

We also offer cost effective, SEO-Friendly web design, which our team is more than happy to walk you through as well!


Natalie Henley

About Natalie Henley

Natalie Henley is the President of Volume Nine, regularly developing strategy to improve our client’s results. Natalie started her marketing career in Communications and Market Research at Edelman PR working on campaigns for Fortune 50 companies. She got into SEO over 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. With experience in SEO, Google Analytics, Adwords, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing, Natalie also does a lot of speaking and training for Volume Nine.