A Chili Day at Volume Nine

Volume Nine held their 1st annual Chili Cook Off today! With a light layer of snow on the ground this morning and high temperature of 30 degrees, it couldn’t have happened on a better day. Twelve brave individuals (and some of their spouses) spent Sunday preparing a variety of delicious chili to bring into the office today. We saw everything from the traditional red and green chili to unique and creative flavors outside the box. There was something to please everyone’s taste and no one left the cook off with an empty stomach.

All of us V9ers received a bowl and a spoon to begin tasting all 12 flavors of chili. There was cornbread and chips for dipping, cheese and green onion for toppings and cookies for dessert. Those who participated in the judging process rated the chili on the following criteria to determine the best overall chili:

  • Aroma
  • Texture
  • Flavor
  • Color
  • Heat

In addition to the best overall chili, the most creative chili and the best named chili also gained recognition. With a gift card, trophy and, more importantly, bragging rights up for grabs, the competition was high.

As always, there was some scandal involved in the process. Hanging chads caused concern and a recount was demanded. (Yes, our office is located in Colorado, not Florida.) After the initial awards were presented, new winners were announced. A select few can now call themselves Volume Nine Chili Cook Off champions and use those bragging rights for the next year. After the final count, the winners were:

Best Overall Chili:

  • 1st place: Kevin Mullen (Green Chili)
  • 2nd place: Michael Booker (Red Chili)
  • 3rd place: Matt Gordon (Little Smoky Chili)

Most Creative Chili – tie for 1st between:

  • Jason Bahl (Queso Chili)
  • Allison Nuanes (Sweet Potato Chili)

Best Named Chili – tie for 1st between:

  • Allison Nuanes (Sweet Potato Descartes – I Think, Therefore I Yam)
  • Michael Booker (Boilermaker Chili)

In the end, every chili ended up being delicious and we all had a great time eating and judging. Volume Nine hopes you are enjoying this chili day as much as we are!