Easy Ways to Add More Content to Your Website

Easy Ways to Add More Content to Your Website

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” when it comes to your website and SEO. So you’ve tried adding new pages of content to your site, only to be hindered by lack of time, lack of ideas, or lack of resources. Don’t fret – there are some easier ways to add more content to your website without having to crank out page after page.

1. Have a Blog – and Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

What is one of the best, most effective ways to add content to your site? You’re looking at it. Make sure your website has a blog that you are updating on a consistent basis. Set goals for yourself – start with a few blog posts per month, then try for a couple posts per week. Chances are, you’re already creating useful content in your emails, meetings, marketing materials, etc. So why not put it online? Brush up on your SEO skills to optimize each blog post and drive valuable search engine traffic to your site.

2. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Expand What You Have

Admit it – some pages on your website could use a little TLC. Take an inventory of your pages and identify areas where you could improve the content amount, quality, or call-to-action. Sure, you know a lot about your company, but is everything you know translated onto your website? Do your products need more detailed descriptions? Can you expand the information about your services? Could you do a better job linking to your other pages within your content? (The answer is: yes.)

3. Showcase Your Creativity – Present Information Differently

People get tired of staring at blocks of text. Showcase your content using:

  • bullet points
  • graphs
  • checklists

(Eh, see what I did there?) If you’re really ambitious, create an infographic or a series of images related to your content. Make it interactive by including videos or simulations. Engage your visitors and they’ll keep coming back (and share it with their friends).

4. Make a Content Calendar – Plan Your Content in Advance

Having a plan when you post can mean the difference between gaining followers and looking like you have no idea what you’re doing. When you post with a plan, your content looks and sounds more professional. Using a content calendar can help you to plan when you want to post, what you want to post, keywords you want to include, internal and external anchor links you want to include, and so much more.

It can even help you to stay on track. The last thing you or your readers want is a half-baked blog that sounds like you wrote in 10 mins that morning just so you could say you added content. Everyone involved benefits from you writing your blogs with a plan and with purpose. If you need help figuring out how to get started with a content calendar, get started with our FREE Volume Nine downloadable content calendar template.

5. Include Spotlights and Interviews – Add Humanizing Content

Adding content to a website in the form of interviews or spotlights is always a great idea. You can choose to interview industry leaders, local supporters or even internal employees. By adding this kind of content you are acknowledging that real people support your company and you care about them. This is also your chance to have a little fun – a chance to ask a few funny or off-the-wall questions and prove that you’re not just a robot on the other side of the screen. This relatable content creates an emotional appeal with your audience and can be in the form of a transcribed interview, a video or even sound clips. Besides, everyone enjoys a peek behind the curtain – so give the people what they want.

As you probably guessed, these are just a few of the steps you could take to add more content. If you still feel stuck and aren’t sure how to add new content to your website, Volume Nine offers stellar content development services. Just sit back and let us do the writing for you!

If you still feel stuck, Volume Nine offers stellar content development services that let us do the writing for you!
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