Annual Breakfast Potluck and Company Meeting at V9!

Annual Breakfast Potluck and Company Meeting at V9!

1395793_723590974336668_10861292_nOn Wednesday, the Volume Nine crew gathered together for the Annual Breakfast Potluck at the office. The kitchen was coated in delicious treats, from homemade biscuits and gravy  to specialty doughnuts to breakfast casseroles. All throughout the office, the smell of home-cooked breakfast waiting for hungry V9ers made everyone excited, and the sound of everyone laughing and enjoying their morning feast echoed through the halls.

After the potluck, with everyone stuffed and satisfied, the Volume Nine team was introduced a new style of company meeting. After collecting a number of questions from the team the week before, Chuck held an open-forum, “town hall” styled meeting where he could address each question directly to the team. The questions were well thought out and often complex, mainly asking about the direction of the company moving into the future.  Here are a few examples:

  • What is the future direction of the company (specific benchmarks or revenue goals)?
  • Are there any specific companies that we are modeling our growth after?
  • Are any of our current partnerships changing outside of Booyah?
  • How are we doing on the projects identified in the August leadership meeting?


After Chuck had the opportunity to answer each question in-depth, it became clear that the the future of Volume Nine is brighter and more exciting than it has ever been. The “town hall” meeting was a huge success, and combined with the delicious breakfast feast V9ers left feeling revitalized and excited for the future!  Just look at Anne’s face!