Blogging Drives Great Results for CCU

Blogging Drives Great Results for CCU

If you are reading this, you have at least heard of blogging. You may even know that Volume Nine takes blogging very seriously. Blogs work well with Google’s search algorithm, and can offer an easy way to keep the content on your website fresh. Beyond just SEO benefits, blogs are an excellent way to reach out to consumers. The best friend of the consumer is knowledge. Blogs offer companies a chance to reach out to consumers by appealing to their interests and educating them. Creating a blog can be a great way to engage with your customers, drive sales, and improve your search rankings, all at the same time.

The usual steps that come with creating a blog are actually pretty basic:

  1. Create the blog somewhere on your current website

  2. Determine your audience

  3. Come up with content ideas

  4. Create the content. [Repeat steps 3-4 forever]

Like i said, it isn’t rocket science. However, it can have big results for you and your company. Volume Nine has had the privilege of working with Colorado Christian University for many years now. We have created a blog for their College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Working together, we have seen some phenomenal results.

  • Since January of 2011, traffic to the blog has increased from 112 unique visitors to 4,829 in January of 2013, a  4,311% increase!

  • In 2011, in total, there were 9,544 unique visitors to the CCU CAGS blog. In 2012, there was 37,000. And from January 1 of 2013 through June 30, the CCU CAGS blog has already generated  31,226 unique visitors. This represents 22.4% of the traffic that CCU CAGS has seen in 2013.

  • Blog visitors are up 30% year over year as of June 30, 2013

Keyword Rankings:

  • CCU CAGS currently has an average rank of 5th or better on 2,310 non branded keywords. This adds up to 36,255 impressions with a average click through rank of 12.51%. The average CTR for the 1st 5 results on Google is 8.674%.*

  • Currently, it has an average rank 10th or better on 4,032 non branded keywords. This equals 92,378 impressions and an average click through rank of 7.91%. The average CTR for the 1st 10 results on Google is 5.23%.*

*these numbers calculated by averaging these numbers.

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