How Cause Marketing Can Do Good & Increase Website Traffic

How Cause Marketing Can Do Good & Increase Website Traffic

Do you want your business to make a difference in your community? Would you like to make a small donation to causes that your employees, partners, clients and prospects believe in? If so, here is a strategy that I recently discussed with Jason Rosado at that will let you do this while also promoting your website.

First, here is a little more information about GivKwik whom I came across while reading this article at the Harvard Business Review regarding “The New World of Charitable Giving“. is a technology platform that connects businesses with causes that people love and engages people in philanthropy in simple and fun ways. If you run a campaign, fans can watch videos and read descriptions of non-profits that you select and then vote on their favorite causes to win grants sponsored by companies.

According to studies I read about on Wikipedia’s Cause Marketing page, cause-related marketing is a powerful marketing tool that businesses can use to engage their employees and customer in a very positive way. Numerous studies have shown that cause-related marketing has helped increase a company’s profits with an example cited on an American Express campaign that created a 28% increase in card usage and a 17% in new users.

Great — so how does this work? Jason explained to me that he had 2 different companies run a cause-marketing campaign with as little as a $500 donation on their website last summer. In these campaigns, the businesses picked a few non-profits and used the Givkwik platform to allow visitors to their website to vote on which non-profits received the funds and Givkwik sent off the funds to the respective non-profits once the campaign was over. Bottom line is that theses businesses were able to donate to their favorite charities while not only increasing website traffic but also getting their website visitors engaged in the process.

Online cause marketing could be a great way for your business to do something good while also getting more people involved in the ‘act of giving.’ Bottom line is that this could also benefit your business and your brand in ways that you never imagined and can’t measure.

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