Webmaster Tools Data Incorporated into V9’s SEO Dashboard

Webmaster Tools Data Incorporated into V9’s SEO Dashboard

The V9 SEO Dashboard is getting upgraded! Over the next few months, Volume Nine will be rolling out a set of some seriously awesome updates to “up our game” on SEO reporting and analysis for clients.

What is the SEO Dashboard?

SEO Dashboard is Volume Nine’s really sweet reporting and campaign management tool that allows our clients to get a myriad of metrics and data from one convenient login.

New Feature: Webmaster Tools Data

A key tool for any Marketer, Webmaster Tools provides a wealth of insights about your website. In attempts to truly get all clients’ reporting into one place, we now have an area of Dashboard pulling in key data from Webmaster Tools such as Impressions, Clicks and  Click Through Rate (CTR) by query and by page.

V9 Dashboard with GWT Data

How Do I Find Webmaster Tool Data in V9’s SEO Dashboard?

Webmaster Tools data is available under the “website” navigation tab and is available in 2 reports – GWT Top Queries (keyword data) and GWT Top Pages (page data).

GWT in V9's Dashboard

Why the Heck Do I Care?

With the rise of (Not Provided) and Google Encrypted Search, it has been more and more difficult for Marketers to measure SEO based on keyword traffic coming to their website. Our SEO Dashboard now allows you to not only measure what queries are driving impressions and clicks, but you can now also measure category movement, including Branded vs. Non Branded, keyword length and specific topic areas.

A few examples of things that you can now measure in our SEO Dashboard:

  1. If you are getting a lot of visibility in specific keyword searches, but not a lot of clicks
  2. How your long tail (typically SEO driven) keywords are performing
  3. Seasonality by category
  4. The effects of category-focused SEO campaigns
  5. If traffic trends are being caused by branded or non-branded keywords, (which helps determine if it’s SEO or other Marketing efforts that are affecting your traffic)
  6. And much, much more!

And That’s Not All…

Track GWT Year Over YearAnd, to put a nice cherry on top of it all, one of the most annoying things about Webmaster Tools is it only collects data for 90 days, so it’s impossible to do analysis on your keyword data and trends for more than 3 months.

V9’s SEO Dashboard gets around this by collecting and storing data, so V9 clients can compare and manipulate webmaster tools data for a lot longer than 90 days!

Video Walk Through - New GWT Features in our SEO Dashboard

We are continually working to ensure our SEO techniques and reporting metrics are ahead of the curve in the SEO industry. If you are a current Volume Nine client and have ideas of other data you’d like to see incorporated into the SEO Dashboard, please let us know!

Natalie Henley

About Natalie Henley

Natalie Henley is the President of Volume Nine, regularly developing strategy to improve our client’s results. Natalie started her marketing career in Communications and Market Research at Edelman PR working on campaigns for Fortune 50 companies. She got into SEO over 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. With experience in SEO, Google Analytics, Adwords, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing, Natalie also does a lot of speaking and training for Volume Nine.