The goal of our business is to make a difference in your business!

Started in 2006 by Chuck Aikens, we are a group of energetic geeks who wear jeans to work, like to drink and snowboard, and know hard work is the only way to drive real results and ROI for our clients.


Our Culture

Our mission is to increase our clients’ profitability with innovative search marketing services, best in class consulting practices, and highly skilled operational teams.  Our vision is that we will be recognized as the leading provider of search marketing services in the markets we choose to serve.

We work hard every day at creating a GREAT company. Here are a few of the most important characteristics of our culture:

  • Teamwork: We work for you as a team and integrate well into our client’s team.
  • Initiative: We put together a great plan and then take action to get the job done.
  • Results: We are passionate and accountable for achieving and exceeding  our client’s goals.
  • Communication:  We share lots of information to keep everyone involved and up-to-date
  • Adaptability: : We can handle it when things change and work well under pressure.
  • Collaboration: We build relationships both inside and outside our organization.
  • Thoroughness: We follow through to make sure our commitments have been fulfilled.


We will be known for:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs and delivering the right solutions to them.
  • Having talented, hard working employees that go ’above and beyond’ what is required.
  • Delivering results for our clients that make a difference in their business.