Improve keyword ranking on a specific focus of keywords, products or services.

Our content marketing services create a unified focus across your organic, blogging, and social strategy using owned, paid and earned media to generate traffic, create buzz, earn links, and create signals beneficial to both search engine and social platform algorithms.

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Typical Results

We are massively excited about the potential of content marketing campaigns, and continually amazed at the fantastic results that keep showing up in our ongoing programs. See below a walk through of some big stats in the industry that we certainly started paying attention to, as well as some case studies of current Volume Nine clients:

Although running content campaigns is a lot of fun for us, we didn’t put these together just to throw something shiny into your marketing mix. The digital marketing industry has changed over the last few years, and these campaigns are designed very specifically to boost your inbound marketing results, including:

  • Drive ranking increases on a specific focus of keywords, products or services.
  • Boost brand signals, which are a key element for improving and stabilizing SEO rankings.
  • Gain earned links and brand mentions which are critical for better rankings and organic traffic.
  • Leverage your followers on social media and your blog to attract more traffic and engagement.
  • Get more conversions, email signups, leads and sales from targeted campaigns.

Our Process

We know that the SEO industry is changing, and that brands on the leading edge of content marketing strategies will reap huge rewards in SERPs. We’ve developed¬†content marketing campaigns for both B2B & B2C businesses, incorporating each of the following key elements:

  • Targeting (Audience, Personas, Goals, Search Intent & Keywords, etc.)
  • Strategy (Big ideas, Message Development, Competitive Analysis)
  • Content Development (Platforms, Content Formats, Writer Recruitment,etc.)
  • Promotion (Amplification, Influencer Outreach, SEO, ReTargeting, Social Boosting, etc.)
  • Measurement (KPIs, Website Metrics, Social Engagement, etc.)

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