Develop Your Website Content Strategy

Our SEO Content Strategy process helps you target new customers with a content-based strategy.  Our comprehensive process helps you understand how potential clients are looking for your business and develop content that is unique, relevant, and useful for your website visitors.   


Develop Your Website Content Strategy!



  • Business Discovery – We take the time to gather with your whole team and do comprehensive discovery around your current website. We document goals, reporting metrics, and current architecture of website content.
  • Target Audience – We will identify your target persona and understand their unique customer journeys as they take their paths to purchase. Additionally, we map specific goals and objectives for your target persona.
  • Competitive Analysis – Evaluation of the keyword SERPs and the competitor’s content that are winning top position in Google organic search.   The analysis provides an outline of the gaps in your current content strategy compared to the competitors content.
  • KW Research – Research, validation, and development of a keyword seed list of relevant keywords used by your target audience along the customer journey from content marketing topics and ideas to the core keywords more directly attributed to conversions.
  • Content Roadmap – The culmination of this work will be presented in a Content Roadmap containing recommendations for new content, adjustments to existing content, and website changes needed to support the new content.
  • Content Development –  Coordination of all the resources to initiate, develop, manage and launch the content strategy project. *Additional Fees may apply for creative asset creation.
  • Account Management – Your dedicated account team will help with all ongoing account servicing needs, including project management, best practices, post-launch findings, reporting, and regular meetings with your team.

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