Conduct, Manage and Oversee Your SEO Campaign

The Volume Nine SEO Dashboard is a web interface to manage SEO reviews, recommendations, rankings and reporting. Our reporting interfaces with popular SEO tools such as Moz, MajesticSEO and SEMRush, allowing you to quickly monitor and analyze information about your website and your competitors.

Audit & Launch Support Reviews

Before diving into an ongoing SEO campaign, it usually makes sense to identify and fix any “low hanging fruit” that can help improve your organic presence. Our SEO Audits and Site Launch Support incorporate best practice reviews using a pass, caution, or fail scoring system. They also include specific recommendations to address each SEO issue on your website, including links to additional documentation when needed.

New review elements are regularly added to ensure that our recommendations stay up-to-date. Additionally, you have 24-7 access to a video library to connect you with SEO expertise day or night.

Optimization Recommendations

The website crawling and scoring process ensures that your website is properly optimized on a continuous basis, and includes specific recommendations for each website page loaded into the system.

In addition, our team of SEO experts will provide recommended page titles and meta descriptions based on the targeted keywords for each page. Additional pages and keywords can be added to your SEO project as you build out more content on your website.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings and positional movements provide early insights into the direction of your overall SEO strength and the impact of your SEO program. Manage SEO by organizing keywords into categories to help establish and monitor specific sections of the website or certain themes. Also, when you setup your location in SEO Dashboard, the system will inform you if Google+ map listings are being returned in search results for that keyword.

Our team of SEO experts regularly monitor your keyword rankings and will alert you to any major movements. Additionally, we will provide analysis to help you determine if there were any specific reasons for the change, such as a search engine algorithm update.


As marketers, we know that the key to good strategy is data. As a result, the Volume Nine SEO Dashboard incorporates some of the top tools that marketers rely on to manage internet marketing campaigns:

  • Google Analytics integration allows us to quickly retrieve and analyze traffic sources, organic search engine breakdown, and specific page visits for your website.
  • SEMRush helps us see all of the keywords ranks detected on Google.
  • Moz and MajesticSEO provide domain and page level metrics for off-site links, authority, and trust.


All of these tool integrations are compiled for instant (and historical) analysis by our team of SEO experts to help you understand what all of this data means and how to make it actionable for your SEO program.