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Social Media Audit

Our social media agency team will review your existing social platforms to see how well you are performing in relation to competitors. From here, we will create a strategy targeted to your audience to increase brand engagement, community growth, and response to direct marketing campaigns. [More About Social Meda Audit]

Social Media Marketing

Our social media markting solution will help you get the dialogue started, including training on the nuances of communication on each platform, helping establish a content schedule and managing either your internal or third party writers. Our social media consulting also includes integrating your social media efforts with your SEO, website, and blog marketing strategy.  [More on Social Media Management]

Contests & GiveAways

With more than one billion active users on Facebook alone, it’s safe to say that a portion of your target audience is on social media liking status updates, posting pictures of their food and stalking their exes. The challenge? Intriguing that audience to interact with your brand. Social media contests are a great way to entice users to engage with your brand content.  [More about Social Contest]

Influencer Engagement

Influencer Marketing is a hot topic these days as bloggers are building larger audiences and communities on social media platforms. Once we find people with influence on the topic you want to talk about, we can leverage their influence to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, increase social following, and improve your link profile.  [More Social Engagment]

Social Media Advertising

Traditional paid search agencies obsess over bids, clicks, and impressions, making their goal is to push your ad to as many people as possible. For us, we prefer to use creative ideas and develop content that offers real value to your potential customer. Our social media agency prefers to use paid media to support campaigns, promote your thought leadership campaigns, and drive traffic to your site.  [Check Out Social Media Ads]